Dancing Fingers 4

Dancing Fingers 4
Musicians: Muriel Johnstone (piano)

The Blackadder Collection


The Blackadder Jig (8x32J)
Blackadder House (8x32S)
A Hastings Welcome (4x32R)
Ewan Telford's Strathspey (4 x 32S)
Celebration Jig (4x32J)
Carol Palmer's Strathspey (8x32S)
The Hawkesbury Rant (4x32R)
Bonnie Callowa' (4x40S)
The Lassie Frae Glasgow (9x32J)
Jim Dougal of Eyemouth (3x32S)
The Craven Jig (4x32J)
The West Highland Line (8x32R)

  1. The Black Adder Jig (8x32J)

  2. Blackadder House (8x32S)

  3. A Hastings Welcome (4x32R)

  4. Ewan Telford’s Strathspey (4x32S)

  5. Celebration Jig (4x32J)

  6. Carol Palmer’s Strathspey (8x32S)

  7. The Hawkesbury Rant (4x32R)

  8. Bonnie Gallowa’ (4x40S)

  9. The Lassie Frae Glasgow (8x32J)

  10. Jim Dougal of Eyemouth (3x32S)

  11. The Craven Jig (4x32J)

  12. The West Highland Line (8x32R)


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