Thistle & Shamrock

Thistle & Shamrock
Musicians: John Ellis and his Highland Country Dance


Grand March
Miss Bennet's Jig (4x32J)
Cape Breton Polka and Jig
Highland Schottische
Highland Laddie (4x32R)
Scottish Waltz
Irish Medley
Eva Three Step
College Hornpipe ( 4x32H)
The Quaker (4x32J)
Irish Hornpipe
12/8 March and 2/4 Marches
Gay Gordons
Irish Hornpipe and Pipe Jig
The Camp of Pleasure (2x32s)
New Scotia Quadrille
Pride of Erin
Old Nick's Lumber Room (4x32J)
Pipe Strathspey & Reels
Dunoon Barn Dance
Gay Gordons

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