To The Laird

To The Laird
Musicians: David South and his Scottish Dance Band

David South, accordions
Matthew Robertson, fiddle
Duncan Smith, piano
Athalie Brooks, bass
Jonathan Jones, drums


Hugh McDonald, guitar
Alice McDonald, Christina McDonald, ben grant, Nick Roder, Hugh mcDonald, David South, vocals

This CD is a Tribute to David's father, James Arthur South, who passed away suddenly at age 59. SCD in Australia was a large part of his life.
The proceeds from this DOUBLE CD will all go to raise money for research into better techniques for heart valve replacement.
There has been NO MARKUP added to the price of this recording.

CD 1
Highland Fair (8x32J)
Circassian Circle (3x32R)
*Leeze Me (4x32S)
The Meeting of the Waters (8x48R)
The Inverness Sixsome (1x128R)
Bonnie Stronshiray (8x32S)
Seton's Ceilidh Band (4x64J)
Corn Rigs (6x32R)
Tir Nan Og (M 4x64)
The Express (8x40J)

CD 2
The Dark Island
Shiftin' Bobbins (8x32J)
The Duchess Tree (8x32S)
The Frisky (8x32J)
A Trip to Bavaria (4x32R)
Jimmy's Fancy (8x32S)
The Laird of Milton's Daughter (8x32J)
The Ship of Grace (4x40S)
Mairi's Wedding (8x40R)

*Dance description included

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