The Swans of Atlanta
[Copious Notes]

The Swans of Atlanta
Musicians: Copious Notes

Mara Shea (fiddle)
Julie Gorka (piano)


Unicoi Unlimited (5x32J)
Stone Mountain Reel (4x32R)
Randall Allen of County Troup (3x32S)
Well Done, Bernard (8x32J)
Balgeddie Reel (5x32R)
Atlanta Fair (8x32J)
Clumsy Lover (8x32R)
Kudzu Reel (5x32S)
Montgomeries' Rant (4x64M)
Happy Tenth (8x32R)
Georgian Strathspey (4x32S)
Judie's Farewell to Spring Creek (8x32R)
Swans of Atlanta (2x64M)
Mrs Jamieson's Favourite (waltz)

  1. Unicoi Unlimited (5x32J)

  2. Stone Mountain Reel (4x32R)

  3. Randall Allen of County Troup (3x32S)

  4. Well Done, Bernard (8x32J)

  5. Balgeddie Reel (5x32R)

  6. Atlanta Fair (8x32J)

  7. Clumsy Lover (8x32R)

  8. Kudzu Reel (5x32S)

  9. Montgomeries’ Rant (4x64M)

  10. Happy Tenth (8x32R)

  11. Georgian Strathspey (4x32S – 2 Chords)

  12. Judie’s Farewell to Spring Creek (8x32R)

  13. Swans of Atlanta (2x64M)

  14. Mrs Jamieson's Favourite (Waltz)


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