More Swans of Atlanta
[Copious Notes - More]

More Swans of Atlanta
Musicians: Copious Notes

Mara Shea (fiddle)
Julie Gorka (piano)

More recordings for the publication "RSCDS Atlanta Branch Celebrating 40 Years of Dancing Memories"


Cauldron of the Plaid (4x48J)
Bonnie Bernard's Birthday Bash (4x32R)
C2C (Canton to Cartersville) (4x32S)
Lady Catherine Brodie's Reel (8x32J)
Don't Make Me Stop, I'll Get Lost (3x32R)
Don't Make Me Stop, I'll Get Lost (encore) (3x32R)
Barbaron (8x32S)
Mr. Joseph LaFace (3x32J)
Leaning Tower (3x32S)
Owl's Nest (8x32J)
Peachtree Reel (8x32R)
Shorts' Golden Strathspey (8x32S, two chords)
Sprezzatura (4x32R)
Sylvia Full of Grace (3x32S)
Wha' a Lass (4x48R)
The Yellow Fliers (8x32J)
Dawn (waltz)

  1. Cauldron of the Plaid

  2. Bonnie Bernard’s Birthday Bash

  3. C2C (Canton to Cartersville)

  4. Lady Catherine Brodie’s Reel

  5. Don’t Make Me Stop, I’ll Get Lost

  6. Encore: Don’t Make Me Stop…

  7. Barbaron

  8. Mr. Joseph LaFace

  9. Leaning Tower

  10. Owl’s Nest

  11. Peachtree Reel

  12. Shorts’ Golden Anniversary

  13. Sprezzatura

  14. Sylvia Full of Grace

  15. Wha’ a Lass

  16. The Yellow Fliers

  17. Dawn


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