Second Chances

Second Chances
Musicians: Steve & Julie Wyrick

Steve Wyrick (fiddle)
Julie Wyrick (piano)


The Shy Lassie (8x32J)
The Spurtle King (8x32S)
Lost & Found (8x32R)
Kate's Apple Pie (8x32J)
Double Sixty (8x32R)
A Smoky Morning (8x32S)
Eileen's Hospitality / Mark & Laura's Wedding (Waltz)
Steve's Jigs (8x32J)
From the Don to the Dee (8x32S)
Cap'n Caplin's Set (8x32R - Hornpipes)
Second Chance (waltz)

  1. The Shy Lassie (8x32J)

  2. The Spurtle King (8x32S)

  3. Lost & Found (8x32R)

  4. Kate’s Apple Pie (8x32J

  5. Double Sixty (8x32R)

  6. A Smoky Morning (8x32S)

  7. Eileen’s Hospitality / Mark & Laura’s Wedding (Waltz)

  8. Steve’s Jigs (8x32J)

  9. From the Don to the Dee (8x32S)

  10. Cap'n Caplin's Set (8x32R – Hornpipes)

  11. Second Chance (waltz)


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