A' the best again fae Banffshire

A\' the best again fae Banffshire
A Celebration of 90 Years of Scottish Country Dancing in Banffshire


Accordion – Ewan Galloway
Fiddle – Shona MacFayden


Joanna's Jig (6x32J)
John McLean's Reel (4x32R)
The Speyside Way (3x32S)
A Fond Farewell (4x32J)
The Millbank Reel (8x32R)
Portsoy Links (3x32S)
Behind the Scenes (8x32J)
The Moray Rambler (8x32R)
The Banffshire Centenarian (5x32S)
The Haudagain Roundabout (4x32J)
A Bouquet of Flowers (8x48R)
The Ladies of Banffshire (4x32S)
The Ladies of Banffshire (3x32S)

  1. Joanna's Jig (6x32J)

  2. John McLean's Reel (4x32R)

  3. The Speyside Way (3x32S)

  4. A Fond Farewell (4x32J)

  5. The Millbank Reel (8x32R)

  6. Portsoy Links (3x32S)

  7. Behind the Scenes (8x32J)

  8. The Moray Rambler (8x32R)

  9. The Banffshire Centenarian (5x32S)

  10. The Haudagain Roundabout (4x32J)

  11. A Bouquet of Flowers (8x48R)

  12. The Ladies of Banffshire (4x32S)

  13. The Ladies of Banffshire (3x32S)


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