Atlanta Fare

Atlanta Fare
Atlanta Fare

Fourteen Dances Plus Two from the Atlanta Branch
Fourteen Dances from the 15th Anniversary of the Branch (1990) Plus Two New Ones (2020)
This is both the Book and the CD
Copious Notes
Mara Shea – Fiddle
Julie Gorka - Piano


Atlanta Fair – devised by Carol Bell (8x32J)
Wee Bit o’ Scotland – devised by George Whitehorn (4x32S)
Over the Hill and Going Strong – devised by Ted Blaschke (4x32R)
I Shall Return! – devised by Becky Sager (4x32M)
Ted’s Folly or the Maroon Convertible – devised by Marilyn Blaschke (8x32J)
Stone Mountain Reel – devised by Alan Smith (4x32R)
Peter Walker – devised by Jan Lewandowski (4x32R)
Southern Belle – devised by Ian Boyd (8x32S)
Black Bear – devised by David Cullison (8x32R)
Spokin’ For – devised by Jim Weaver (8x32J)
These are Your Mountains – devised by Becky Sager (8x32S)
Over the River and Through the Woods – devised by Steven Rusche (8x32J)
A Warm Winter’s Evening - devised by Steven Rusche (8x32S)
The Bonnie Belles of Atlanta – devised by Steven Rusche (8x32R)
My Princess – devised by Bob Messner (4x32R)
Coronavirus Reel – devised by Bob Messner (3x32R)

  1. Atlanta Fair (8x32J)

  2. Wee Bit o’ Scotland (4x32S)

  3. Over the Hill and Going Strong (4x32R)

  4. I Shall Return! (4x32M)

  5. Ted’s Folly (8x32J)

  6. Stone Mountain Reel (4x32R)

  7. Peter Walker (4x32R)

  8. Southern Belle (8x32SJ)

  9. Black Bear (8x32R)

  10. Spokin’ For (8x32J)

  11. These are Your Mountains (8x32S)

  12. Over the River and Through the Woods (8x32J)

  13. A Warm Winter’s Evening (8x32S)

  14. The Bonnie Belles of Atlanta (8x32J)

  15. My Princess (4x32R)

  16. Coronavirus Reel (3x32R)


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