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Delaware Valley Gold CD Set
A Two CD set with music for all 24 original Scottish Country Dances in Delaware Valley Gold Book, plus 3 from the 40th Leaflet, and 2 original waltzes

Book to be available from TACBooks
Disc #1
Delaware Valley Branch Musicians
Adam Oleksa – Fiddle
Joh Burdick -Fiddle
Kirsten Erwin – Flutes, Piccolo, Whistles
Jane Roberts – Cello
Dave Wiesler – Piano, Guitar

Disc #2
Thistle House

David Courret-Knight – Fiddle
Dan Emery – Highland, Border, and Small Pipes, Wooden Flute
Dave Wiesler – Piano, Guitar

Disc #1
Jane’s Flying Cello – 8x32R
Trip to Tarble – 8x32J
Bordeaux en Belle – 8x32S
Seven Eights – 8x32R
Lansdowne Strathspey – 8x32S
Golden Jubilee Quadrille – 5x32R
Moylan Fan Club – 8x32J
Katherine Hamilton – 8x32S
The Morstein Hornpipe – 4x32R
The Written Examination – 3x32S
An Absurd Number of Cucumber Sandwiches – 8x32J
Crum Creek Hornpipe – 8x32R
Tarble-in-Clathier – 3x32S
Founder’s Reel – 4x32R
A Grand Year – W
Disc #2
The Fearsome Fivesome – 5x32R
Aflooga – 4x32S
The Garden Party Social – 8x32R
Off to Arden – 8x32S
Carrie’s Flight – 4x32R
The Pittsburgh Rake – 8x32J
The Slingshot – 8x32R
Longborough Lanterns – 8x32S
Sleepwalking – 8x32R
Cailin Rua – 8x32S
Before the Storm – 8x32R
The Wind’s Twelve Quarters – 8x32J
The Valley Over the Hill – 8x32R
Northern Lights – W

  1. Jane's Flying Cello (8x32R)

  2. Trip to Tarble (8x32J)

  3. Bordeaux en Belle (8x32S)

  4. Seven Eights (8x32R)

  5. Lansdowne Strathspey (8x32S)

  6. Golden Jubilee Quadrille (5x32R)

  7. Moylan Fan Club (8x32J)

  8. Katherine Hamilton (8x32S)

  9. The Morstein Hornpipe (4x32R)

  10. The Written Examination (3x32S)

  11. An Absurd Number of Cucumber Sandwiches (8x32J);

  12. Crum Creek Hornpipe (8x32R)

  13. Tarble-in-Clothier (3x32S)

  14. Founders' Reel (4x32R)

  15. A Grand Year (W)

  16. The Fearsome Fivesome (5x32R)

  17. Alflooga (4x32S)

  18. The Garden Social (8x32R)

  19. Off to Arden (8x32S)

  20. Carrie's Flight (4x32R)

  21. The Pittsburgh Rake (8x32J)

  22. The Slingshot (8x32R)

  23. Longborough Lanterns (8x32S)

  24. Sleepwalking (8x32R)

  25. Cailin Rua (8x32S)

  26. Before the Storm (8x32R);

  27. The Wind's Twelve Quarters (8x32J)

  28. The Valley Over the Hill (8x32R)

  29. Northern Lights (W)

Product CodeDelval50
ManufacturerDave Wiesler

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