Second Chances

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Musicians: Steve & Julie Wyrick

Steve Wyrick (fiddle)
Julie Wyrick (piano)


The Shy Lassie (8x32J)
The Spurtle King (8x32S)
Lost & Found (8x32R)
Kate's Apple Pie (8x32J)
Double Sixty (8x32R)
A Smoky Morning (8x32S)
Eileen's Hospitality / Mark & Laura's Wedding (Waltz)
Steve's Jigs (8x32J)
From the Don to the Dee (8x32S)
Cap'n Caplin's Set (8x32R - Hornpipes)
Second Chance (waltz)



  1. The Shy Lassie (8x32J)

  2. The Spurtle King (8x32S)

  3. Lost & Found (8x32R)

  4. Kate’s Apple Pie (8x32J

  5. Double Sixty (8x32R)

  6. A Smoky Morning (8x32S)

  7. Eileen’s Hospitality / Mark & Laura’s Wedding (Waltz)

  8. Steve’s Jigs (8x32J)

  9. From the Don to the Dee (8x32S)

  10. Cap'n Caplin's Set (8x32R – Hornpipes)

  11. Second Chance (waltz)



Product CodeWYR201901
ManufacturerSteve & Julie Wyrick

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Second Chances by Steve and Julie Wyrick

Life throws unexpected curves, sometimes leaving an empty space that is difficult, if not impossible, to fill. Steve and Julie Wyrick had just finished this recording when Steve unexpectedly lost his battle with cancer. The band he was part of, Hook, Wink & Swagger, was preparing to record a second Dancers Dream which had been delayed when our sound engineer, Greg Reznick, passed away the previous year. This CD is dedicated to Greg and includes many of Steve’s original compositions for dances by several Bay Area devisors, including his wife, Julie. Some of these dances and tunes can be found in the recently published The New World Scottish Dancers Collection Volume 2. The recording features Steve on violin, viola and guitar and Julie on keyboards. It is a pleasure to listen to his tunes which all have a unique twist that adds an element of surprise without distracting from the dance, and his sets include traditional as well as contemporary tunes composed by friends. The sound is solid and a joy to dance to. In the years I’ve known him, Steve has always worked diligently to produce the strong Scottish sound, and his dedication pays off with this CD. He may be physically absent from us, but his music will live on. Gary Thomas
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